Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bday bashes

Birthday bashes usually go badly for the guy in question namely the 'birthday boy' since the bash turns out to be more of an excuse to give the birthday boy a bashing on the day he graced earth with his presence.
My birthday 'bash' turned out on the same lines. However if there is one thing I regret, its that I didn't get to taste the cake which was so beautifully kept for me. As the photo shows, people felt I should not have the cake and eat it too....

One funny habit people have here: that of wasting coke by drenching a person in coke/ mazaa/ minute maid. Very crazy habit!!! Who wants to waste that much coke??? 
Lucky for me, there were three other people who shared their bday with me and that saved me from a resounding thrashing. 

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